18 February 2015

For the Notorious Overpacker - PurseN to the Rescue!!

I should belong to Overpackers Anonymous, seriously. Because I have no idea how to just pack the essentials for any trip, not a weekend trip, not an overnight getaway, not a five day escape. Not apologetic, I'm just stating the facts. And for those of you who are like me, here's a little something that just might make your day - it certainly made mine!

Meet the PurseN! A nifty origami-like jewelry case to use when you travel:

I couldn't quite decide whether I needed the Vacationer size, which is intended for longer getaways, but decided to go with the Tiara size, which is considered a weekender case. Since ultimately I was looking for ways to satisfy, not feed my addiction, Aaaaand I'm kinda cheap...so I went with the little one.

The Tiara is intended for small to medium sized jewelry and has  6 attached pouches and 4 removable pouches, with clear view windows and zippered closures. There are 2 middle straps that snap in order to hold the removable pouches in places and a padded ring strap, that also secures with a snap. The overall quality feels very good and it is well put together.

Even with all the pockets, I was slightly concerned because I wear a lot of chunky jewels, necklaces especially. So I wasn't sure if I could get those types of things to fit.

I tried to pack it realistically, according to the types of things that I might actually take away with me. Here's what I was able to comfortably fit in:

6 necklaces - 2 which were quite chunky
4 bracelets - including a set of thicker bangles and one with oversized baubles
4 pairs of large size earrings
5 rings - which included one super big one

And I managed to get it all zipped up!

Plus, the bottom expands in order to accommodate your larger jewelry!

You could certainly pack more, depending upon the size and placement of pieces. For the purpose of this demonstration I went with the bigger stuff.

I feel I made the right choice with the Tiara and I love that they offer the cases in a variety of colors and prints, which speak to any diva's personality. I rate the PurseN Dazzling Diva Approved!

Please Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and merchandise was purchased with my own funds.

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