08 June 2015

Does It Work? - Sephora Nail Protector First Impressions

I probably like the pampering of a salon grade manicure better than anyone else I know. However, when it's time to double down on the budget, that treat is the first thing to go. So when it comes to at-home manis, unless you have seriously steady hands or are ambidextrous, painting your own nails can sometimes be a tad shaky.

There are tons of DIYs and other tips and tricks from the at-home nail art gurus out on the web. And though the idea of peeling away a latex-like barrier might sound intriguing, I'm typically more interested in the quickest method possible.

I tend to do my manicures on Sunday evenings, shortly before bedtime, so glue peeling might add too many additional minutes. My right hand is the dominant hand, so my left hand typically looks great. Switch that around and occasionally things can get a little hairy...

During a late night Sephora shopping expedition, I ran into the Sephora Nail Protector and decided to try it out, despite mixed reviews. I've actually had it for a while and never used it until today.

Here's the condensed version of my first trial run...

It took me about 10 minutes to actually complete my fingers. I wasn't using a base coat, though I usually do, and I applied a top coat off camera.

I have to say, given its simplistic look, it actually worked quite well. In my rush 10 minute job, the only polish I managed to get on the skin was when I tried to not knock the polish bottle over and inadvertently painted past the cuticle.

The Nail Protector has a little curved lip, which I think actually helps guide you since your nail bed is then tilted in a slightly upward position. What I actually found most challenging was constantly maneuvering the protector and nail polish bottle around to keep it within reach while trying not to bump into it. I think that would likely get easier the more I used the protector. One other awkward thing was when it came time to paint my thumbs, you may have noticed in the clip that I had to shift to the end of the table in order to do them. I happened to be standing in the clip, but may find it a bit more difficult to do sitting down.

It says that this can also be used for pedicures...but I'm not sure I buy that one. Overall, I wasn't put off. This manicure will unlikely last a week, so I'm going to try again in a few days. For about $7, I didn't consider it to be a waste at all. I think it's a nifty little tool to have with your polish collection.

Overall grade: B-

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