21 September 2015


Yes, yes, y'all!! It's a Diva's birthday today!! Ayyyyeeeee!!!

Despite the tumultuous last six weeks, I am ever grateful and maintaining my positivity. I feel blessed and so appreciative that I am here to see another year!

I am typically a Monday curmudgeon, but I ain't even mad because today is MY Monday!

So, me and this boot are going to beaming sunshine and rainbows and embracing the little joys, like my free Starbucks goodie and Sephora birthday lippies, until my head hits the pillow this evening!

It's still Virgo Season, people! Be sure to find a Virgo diva and give her some love!

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me! Haaaaaapppyyyyyy biiiiiirrrtthhhhdaaaaayyyy!!!

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