14 September 2015

Life Lately...August, Absences & Clunky Boots

Hello World and Happy Monday!

Let me start by saying that August didn't turn out all the way I'd intended. I have been M.I.A. far longer than planned. Basically, the demands of life stepped in and pretty much took over! Between playing catch up at my 9 to 5 and school starting back for the fall I was pretty much tapped out.... The next thing I knew, it was getting well in to September.

Even better, my creativity has been given a serious challenge, as I was recently "gifted" with this:

Lovely, right?.. And oh so fashion friendly (not...).

Turns out I've got a fractured bone in my foot, so I've been sentenced to at least six weeks of living with this boot then hopefully I'll be able to gradually return to "normalcy."

Unfortunately, sometimes shoes just MAKE the outfit... There are certainly days where I get dressed based on what shoes I'm wearing. So, needless to say, this has put a serious damper on on the whole style post situation. *ugh* I  do have a couple regular style posts coming up this week, but please bear with me as I try to navigate these blogging waters sans cute shoes. *sad panda*

I'm definitely seeing some beauty reviews and DIY posts in my future!

Before I head off let me just say despite my displeasure of this whole unfortunate situation, I am certainly glad that it didn't happen before I got a chance to appear on the Today Show (could you imagine the devastation!?) and as much as I'm refusing to embrace the approaching fall season, my left foot is thrilled that it is no longer 90 degrees and humid. It's all about being grateful of the little things, right?

Pray for me y'all!!

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