02 October 2015

DD's Style File - Statement Lace

Ok, so I am going to keep it all the way real in this here post today...

First, I have abhorred lace (on me) for as long as I can remember.
It was my opinion that it looked old ladyish and made me look dated.

Well, I figure I must be turning into an old lady...

And it was this very dress that changed it all!
Ain't a thang old about this right here!

I literally passed this dress over on the rack several times, insisting that it just was not "my style." Until I ultimately ran out of options and saw that it was one of the only remaining dresses left in my size, so I tried it just for giggles (since the color was all pretty and whatnot).

Imagine my immediate surprise when I stepped into the mirror and LOVED it. Like getting compliments from strangers, despite your polka dot ankle socks, had me wanting to strut out of the store wearing it kinda love.
Dress: c/o David's Bridal (similarsimilarsimilar)
Clutch: The Limited - old (other options here and here)

Shoes: INC for Macy's
I got the dress back in the spring and finally had a chance to wear it to a wedding this past weekend. Which because of my newly acquired appendage, I almost changed my mind about going to. In the end, I put on my Cinderella shoe and obviously went. I saw some old friends, did some chair dancing and had a nice time. 

Now, as I mentioned in the post opening....I'm keeping it extra real today. So, with that....below is a shot of what my blogging shoots are really looking like these days:

Yes, divas, me and the Frankenfoot are not only keeping it fierce at social functions, but I'm pushing forward capturing blog photos for all you lovelies!

And I'd say today's post definitely could teach all of us (myself included) a little something:

Lesson #1: Don't pass over something until you give it a try. You might actually surprise yourself.

When doing personal style outings, I would always say to my clients - just try it first - but it wasn't something that I necessarily adhered to for myself.  Because I felt I already had a firm grasp on what worked for me. Yet since wearing this dress, I'm expanding my fashion horizons, and I actually purchased two lace tops that I plan to wear soon.  

Lesson #2: Don't let a bump in the road ruin the entire road trip.

Ok, so I totally just made that up. What I mean that to say don't let something unexpected (like a fugly orthopedic boot) ruin the big picture. After getting this boot, I felt like social plans were put on hold, mostly because I felt clunky and clumsy (98.9% of the time, I have a sneaker on my good foot). Even though turning into a hermit felt really tempting, I just decided to make different plans instead. So, sure, I didn't get to wear the birthday dress I picked out, but I still put on something that made me feel good and had some very nice dinner outings with friends and family.

In short, if the road gets a little bumpy, just try an alternate route.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Will anybody be bringing out those fall wardrobe pieces??  

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