13 July 2011

My Perfect Flip Flop

Ok, I've previously allluded to the fact that I'm not a fan of flip flops, however while on vacation in Las Vegas two weeks ago I saw the cutest pair of black patent flip flops on the feet of a passerby.

I've been semi-obsessed ever since.

I whipped out my phone while still at brunch to hunt them down on the net. And boy, did I find them...

These shiny, bow adorned beauties are the Valentino Garavani flip flop and unfortunately, even though they came out last year, with a ticket price of $275 - that makes them waaaay outta my league. *extreme sad face* So my mini mission has become to find a pair as similar as possible, but more budget sensible, before the summer ends.

I've found a few possibles, but needless to say, it's hard to compare to the stunning Valentino sandal. So, most don't elicit the same gush of excitement...

But I will admit that this sandal from ASOS did give me a slight shiver at their cuteness, so perhaps this is my best bet.

Now, if I can only hunt down my size and maybe a coupon, I'll be in business.

And the search continues!

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