08 July 2011

Prep with a Primer

There are those lucky girls with the fabulous skin who wear little to no makeup and spend next to no time prepping in the morning. Well....that's not me. So, I rely on a primer. And if any of you out there have issues with your makeup going on smoothly, have oily or combination skin or large pores, there is bound to be a primer out there that's right for you.

You apply primer after your moisturizer and treatments and before makeup. Primers usually contain wax, silicone or another kind of polymer. A good primer shouldn't settle into the skin, but should instead "fill in" the problem areas of your face, creating a smooth and even surface by smoothing out fine lines and pores and keeping your eyeshadow from creasing, thereby helping your makeup up last longer.

There are different primers for eyes, lips and face. I've only purchased ones for face specifically, but I still use them on my lids occasionally. I've used a couple different brands, which varied in price range, but ultimately found a drugstore brand that worked best for me. For many years I used Prime Time by BareEscentuals all over my face, which I really liked and it made my skin feel silky smooth after application. And though I had positive results with my makeup and no adverse reactions, I'm a very oily girl, so I felt I needed something more.

Most recently I started using L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base on my inner cheek area to help smooth out my large, oily pores. It feels powdery smooth after dotting it on and I feel it really helps my mineral makeup last throughout the day.

I encourage you to check out a primer, but before you do remember that just because the primer is more expensive does not mean it will automatically work better for you, so you may have to try a couple before you get it right. But hey, that's why coupons and promo codes come in handy!

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