14 July 2011

Shop Zara and H&M Online at Suddenlee.com

Are you dying to buy brands like H&M and Zara online? I know I am, especially since I only get to shop those stores when I'm traveling. Well, stop by and check out Suddenlee.com.

This new online retailer, which just launched a couple weeks ago, intends to revolutionize the customer shopping experience by allowing you to shop these brands and over 300 others in one place. Retailers at Suddenlee.com offer everything from clothing to beauty and accessories, which includes items from retailers who already have their own shoppable retail sites, like Target, Payless, Kate Spade and Intermix.

And get this - there's only ONE shipping fee, regardless of how many different retailers you purchase from. And there's no need to keep an eye out for Mr. Mailman to drop off five different purchases, because your purchases for up to two different stores ($2.50 for each additional store) are shipped to you next day in one single package, at what they guarantee will be a very reasonable delivery fee.

Click here to check out their YouTube shopping tutorial.

The one catch is that right now, access to shop at Suddenlee.com isn't available to all areas (like mine *sad face*), but as interest grows, hopefully it will be soon. So go to Suddenlee.com, plug in your zip and email address and check it out. And perhaps it will catch on as quick as Groupon did!

I'm certainly interested, if only for the opportunity to buy from H&M and Zara online, so I've already signed up. But I'm really wondering if it's as great as it sounds?...

Have any of you shopped Suddenlee.com yet? If so, please post a comment, I'd love to hear about your experience!

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