05 February 2012

My Experience with Jason Wu for Target

Wu Wishlist

These items were pretty much what I had on my "Wu Wishlist" as I excitedly made my way out to my local Target. I don't even like cats, but that kitty from the Wu for Target commercial won me over.

To find out about my experience, read more after the jump.

Let me just get this out of the way - this is not a positive review. I'm disappointed, and I can't say if it's with Target overall or just my local store....though I'm leaning towards both....but either way, I'm not a fan right now.

I'll preface this by saying that I live in a small city in northeast Pennsylvania, on the lake. So, obviously, not a fashion capitol. However, although we have one Target, one would think that they would have planned appropriately for the Wu arrival.

Guess not.

By the time I arrived at 2:30 this afternoon none of the above lovelies were anywhere to be seen, except teasingly, on the posted advertisements. I will also say that I was not the only less than enthusiastic consumer. As I snapped pictures, I spoke with several ladies and teens who walked around the pitiful display racks, looking rather dismayed and even confused by the selection we had to choose from:

Pretty much just a couple short sleeve tops, the blue cardigan, oh, and one of the black pleated skirts in an extra small. Just not what I was in the market to buy.

I probably could have purchased some accessories, but I was too underwhelmed to even go that way. I was told that everything else had sold out after opening this morning. My guess is that they only decided to stock three of each size...

I also found out that the coveted navy pleat dress was only sold online anyway. By the time I got back home at 4:00, practically everything was sold out there too (and anything that wasn't, has since I posted this review). Hence, my divided disappointment between my in-store and online experiences.

All I can say is, "shame on you, Target." And no, perhaps this wasn't on the scale of Missoni fiasco, but maybe customers who got burned then, decided to not bother this time. You can add me to that list for the next collaboration...

Did any of you girls have any better luck?

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