08 February 2012

Necklaces & Necklines

Have you ever tried on several different necklaces before rushing out the door, and none of them look quite right? Often times, the issue is just a matter of the style of necklace versus the cut of the neckline. Here are a few hard and fast rules, courtesy of The Kit, that can help save you some time when you're caught in that next mad dash.

1. Ornate bib necklaces can be great for jazzing up tops and dresses with higher necklines or even adding punch to a basic crew neck tee when headed out for lunch with the girls.

2. Long, sleek dangling pendants work best with deeper necklines, by adding interest to that open area.

3. Try a bit of sexy by wearing a substantial choker with the timeless cut of a button up or blazer. It makes for a sophisticated, yet sassy look and provides an extra bit of personality to classic attire.

Click here for information on the items pictured above or to learn more about the Canadian digital magazine, The Kit. Which has become my new best friend on my Kindle Fire! It's all about women's fashion, beauty and health, it's accessible on all of my devices, they have a great digital presentation and best of all - subscription is free!

Photo credit: all images courtesy of thekit.ca

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