20 April 2012

Shoe Crazy! (And a Shoemint Review)

I'm sure you all have heard of Shoemint by now, if not, it's one of the latest shoe-of-the-month clubs. Shoemint launched fall 2011 and are being marketed by celebrity, Rachel Bilson.

As much I as I adore shoes, I was not interested in the whole shoe club thing. Until I saw a blog post somewhere advertising this particular shoe:

The Hattie in colorblock. I felt an immediate and intense urge to make them mine. It felt exactly like what my wardrobe was missing. And it's a flat! Can you believe it?? Well, here's the rub...apparently this particular shoe club is really only beneficial if you join right before the first of the month, since they roll out their new styles at the beginning. So me, being completely oblivious to any such rules, happened to join somewhere around late mid-month. So, those lovelies that drove me to their website were completely sold out in my size (in all sizes for that matter).

However, being the shopping girl I am, I waitlisted, waited and checked back occasionally. They finally sent me a "come and get it" email at 8PM on a Friday evening, which I did not know I'd received until 11AM Saturday morning. And guess what? Too late, all gone. Again.
Naturally, I waited some more. Perused their FAQs. Eventually contacted customer service for help (I pretty much got the blow off). Feeling defeated and all, I then went in search of something to appease the need for these flats.

I found these, a comparable style in different colors.

I would've been pleased enough with those, if only....they'd had my size. Yep, all sold out. This retailer provided no response to whether they were planning to restock.

So the hunt began, since now I've seen something that I want and have convinced myself that my closet needs. And then I found these:

Can't get any closer than that, can ya? Apparently, Shoemint's idea wasn't all that original (we've discussed my opinions on that), since this is Zara's flat from spring 2011. But hey, I'm NOT complaining! Thank you Zara, thank you Shoemint and thank you eBay seller for still having my size. The shoe thirst has been quenched and all is right in the world. *smile*

One last note, since this is a semi-Shoemint review, obviously I can't say I'm really feeling the love for Shoemint, but I'm patiently waiting for another winner.  I've refrained from canceling my membership, though outside of the Hattie, their collections just haven't moved me to reach for my wallet.

What about you girls, has Shoemint been good to you?

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