16 April 2012

The Work Travel Challenge - Part 2

So I reached the final part of my packing challenge and had to tackle my plethora of beauty needs. It was definitely a challenge...trust me. But I have to tell ya, I was ashamed to post this pic showing all the stuff I use on the regular in order to make myself look presentable, but here goes...the "before":

These pictures include the majority of my items, running the gamut from products like body wash, hair conditioner and moisturizer to tools like blackhead removers, tweezers, and obviously, a gang of makeup brushes. Now, I will say that there's no way that I use all this stuff every day, but over a period of three days, the possibility is much more likely. Hence, the challenge. Even more than feeling almost too shame to post pics of all this stuff, is that I hate to say that it probably only covers ninety percent of the arsenal. Terrible, right? I know, but what's a girl to do.

So taking on the task at hand, I had to whittle down all the necessities I might need over this three day period and find a way to pack them in. Because the only thing I hate worst than packing, is getting to said destination and realizing that I forgot something.

Enter the "after":

The difference may not be as apparent between the two pictures initially, but upon closer inspection you'll notice that I have all my makeup compartmentalized in my orange makeup case ( on far right). The middle section of that bag is actually holding my little silver brow kit from the "before" photo. I have my body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face cleansers and whatnot rationed off and transferred into tiny bottles (at left of the makeup case). The remaining serums, lotions, potions and acne treatments that couldn't be sized down were tossed into my little zebra bag from Victoria's Secret. Finally, I took my daily used makeup brushes from my much larger BareEscentuals brush roll and  made use of that cheap, flimsy brush case from my e.l.f. studio brush set. Since it's smaller and more compact I can tuck it in the middle of my orange makeup bag. Whaddya know, it actually came in handy after all...

My Clarisonic, hair brush, etc. have found a home in one of the spare pockets of my travel bag.

So, I feel pretty confident that I have everything, but I won't get overly excited, since I won't know for certain that I was truly successful until I get there and know I haven't forgotten anything.

I hope that some of you get a few tips from my "challenge" posts, I will also try to update my blog with pics from the outfits I pull together while I'm away.

Let's make this Monday a happy one!

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