11 April 2012

The Work Travel Challenge

Ok ladies, I'm preparing for my first work trip and I'm tasked with packing three days of work worthy fashions and my arsenal of beauty products into my compact cheetah print travel case.

It's a pretty decent sized bag, with plenty of space on the inside plus pockets for toiletries and whatnots - I just don't know if it's quite enough for me.

In order to make this a successful trip, my goals are:

1.  Pack black. Use black as my foundation color, so that I can easily mix pieces and maybe incorporate a statement top for a pinch of pizazz.

2.  Travel friendly. Pack mostly fabrics that are fold or iron friendly.

3.  Size down. When it comes to my products, I gotta have my stuff, but I'll be taking smaller bottles and travel sizes of my most essential beauty needs.

4.  Back to basics. I plan to rely on my palette of neutral shadows, basic jewelry pieces and black pumps, so that I can use them for all three days.

Can she do it, ladies and gentleman?!

Stayed tuned for my travel challenge posts to see how a notorious over packer makes out with one bag and a tote!

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