29 July 2015

DD's Style File: Fashion Fairy

I have no problem whatsoever wearing tulle, sequins and sparkly jewelry in my every day life. I, of course, consider where I'm heading and what's going on that day, but I basically feel like the unintentional Carrie in my little city on the lake.

I can't bring myself to pass up pretty things just because I can't think of when or where I'll get to wear them. Now, of course, there's a meter to this, and some stuff just doesn't make for a budget friendly sensible buy. So I mourn my loss and leave it on the rack for the next diva. But I enjoy incorporating whimsy into my life, and I'm certainly not going to pass it up because of what someone else might think. And that goes for a decadent, delectable treat when I'm on a mission to eat right or this Cinderella-esque skirt right here in a world of khaki.

And tulle is having one heck of a moment right now. I personally think that it all started with amazing and talented personal style bloggers, like KTRStyle, a while back then just caught on like wildfire. Which why I was able to troop into Kohl's a few months back and find a rack of $50 tulle skirts. I know it's not for everybody, but I'm here for it, at least for this moment in my fashion journey.

Top: ASOS - old (similarsimilarsimilar
Skirt: Kohl's (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Michelle K. - super old (similar colora bow optionsimilar style)
Purse: JCPenney - old (similarsimilarsimilar print)

Before I head off, I'm going to leave you all with the struggles of a personal style blogger. First off, on photo shoot day it got too friggin' bright out once I had my gear set up. But I was there and decided to snap what I could despite the blinding sun and ferocious heat making perspiration trickle down my back. On top of that, my heel tip almost got snatched off in between the boardwalk planks. And if the picture below looks like I lost something....I nearly did. My shutter remote slipped out of my hand and almost slid into the lake! So this is definitely a candid outtake, but my outfit angles looked good though! So I kept it in! 

Ok! I'm done with my whining!! 

The last day of my summer university course is tomorrow and I can finally get back on a regular schedule after five weeks. I'm off to do the Nae Nae in celebration!!

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