07 July 2015

Mini Haul: How I Paid $1.31 at Macy's

I consider myself a budget conscious shopper, I love an awesome deal. Which is typically a coupon on top of an already great sale. But deep down in my shopping recess is another, more aggressive budgenista. She's more of an extreme couponing type who is thrilled at the idea of getting a bushel of items for a few dollars.

This past weekend I had one such occasion at Macy's, where I purchased these pieces totaling $189, but walking out of the store paying only $1.31 out of pocket!:

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So, how did I manage that?

Let me start by saying that it doesn't HAVE to be Macy's, if you can make it work with other retailers who offer similar coupons and deals. But it does take some effort on your part,

Step 1: Sign up for store coupons - In this case I had a 20% off coupon

Step 2: If you're able to join a store rewards program, it's worth signing up, especially if you shop there often - I am a Macy's/AmEx cardholder and earn rewards points on all my purchases, so I had a $25 reward certificate. I also signed up to earn Plenti rewards and linked my Macy's card to the account, which earned me another $25 reward.

Step 3: Sign up for online surveys (here's some of the effort I was talking about) - I am signed up to complete surveys through e-Rewards which I can cash in for gift card, so I had a card for $25. This site is by invite only and not all retailers offer this. But I also recently joined Swagbucks.com, and they offer similar options.

Step 4: Credit card rewards: Keep a major credit card that offers rewards, and keep it at a zero balance. When you plan to make a purchase using cash, charge it to the card instead to earn rewards, then use the cash to immediately pay off the balance. I earned a $50 gift card through my Discover card.

Step 5: Now, my final method is a bit unique and unconventional and isn't as widely accessible. The company I work for allows employees the opportunity to earn points for things such as outstanding teamwork or exceptional work, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or a variety of other options. I was fortunate enough to have some of these points to cash in, so I got a $25 gift card.


Before you brush me off because you don't have access to my last option, don't forget the cash options that are available to you! If you just set it aside, you can treat it as "shopping money" versus money out of your paycheck. Better yet, use the cash earned from these options to buy yourself a gift card in order make sure the funds stay toward your fun money reserve.

Cashback sites: If you're an avid online shopper, like myself, it's is definitely worth signing up for Ebates. It doesn't matter if you're buying shoes or shingles, contacts or cable knit sweaters, you can get cashback on your purchases! And some stores even allow you to order online and pick it up locally.

Poshmark and eBay: Don't forget these old standbys! Great condition items you don't want or no longer need can be used to bank you some cash to set aside for those shopping hauls!

So, as I mentioned earlier, all of this takes effort and a bit of diligence on your part. But I bet you buy things every day. If you simply find the best way to make those everyday purchases work for you, then you can reap some benefits from it.

Trust me! It's so much fun when you pass the associate a buck and some change in exchange for a bag full of goodies!

If there are any other "shopportunities" that you ladies know about, please feel free to share in the comments section!

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