15 July 2015

DD's Style File - Perfect Paisley

I have been a baaaaad blogger lately... I'm so behind it's terrible. But I blame it on the nice, suddenly summer weather! It doesn't help that I've been taking a summer college course since the end of June and by the time my "day" ends, bedtime approaches super quick.

Daily demands aside, you would think that sunny days would be all the encouragement needed to head out, tripod in hand, ready to take some blog photos. On the contrary, lately I've felt more prompted to simply enjoy those days. Especially since, as luck would have it, they seemed to fall on the weekend.

And I won't let my guilt eat me up about it. As much as I love blogging, here in the northeast we see waaaay more gray, dreary, cold days than we do hot summer ones. And in December, I'd rather not look back and think that I missed out on a walk with my pup and playing at the park with my nieces because I was taking photos.

But I'm working it all out! Even if at times, to me, it feels more like clumsy juggling!

While on the topic of those summer days, this dress seemed to epitomize that whole summer chic thing!

I, personally, never went gaga over Lily Pulitzer, even with all of her girlish whimsy. But for whatever reason, the blue/pink paisley print of this dress kinda gave me that lightweight perfect for summer in Capri feeling that Lily gives off. The fabric is breathable, the fit is comfortable and it is easily one of the most stylish things I've probably ever snatched out of my closet.

Dress: The Limited
Shoes: Seychelles - old (similar color options herehere, here, & here)
Bag: The Limited - sold out (similar style)
Necklace: The Limited - old (similarsimilar lengthlonger styleanother option,)

I'm sure I've gone on about my love for the shift dress before (as a matter of fact, I'm positive, here and here), so it's obviously an easy outfit recipe I stand by. But if shift dresses don't quite work for your figure, have no fear! An essential wrap dress could certainly stand in it's place.

The point is truly all about having a dress with a silhouette which you find flattering to your shape, and having that work as a tried and true piece to build an outfit around - shoes, bag, statement necklace/bracelet or earring and you're done! Seriously!

For me this dress was just plain fun! It wasn't a print that I would typically gravitate too, and it was actually something really different from any other pieces in my closet.

On the flip side, I also recently got a fab-u-lous staple wrap dress in black that I think you all would love too. I plan to do a post about that just as soon as I can get some good photos (black can be hard to photograph). It's a super dreamy weight, but it has sleeves, so the day I actually wore it had that what-kind-of-summer-is-this type of weather. Which was not at all optimal for photos! But stayed tuned!

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