12 November 2015

Getting it Together - Glove Storage & Organization DIY

Tis' the season, people, tis' the season!

Cold weather is moving in quickly and it won't be long before we'll be adding more layers to ward off the chill. One of my fav chilly weather accessories are gloves! I love them for adding something to my wintertime personal style, I have various types from fingerless to half cuts to elbow length. Only problem was the storage situation...

I kept them tucked into a multi pocket organizer, which limited visibility. And this contraption was upstairs in my closet, while my coats were downstairs in my coat closet. Needless to say, that didn't help with getting out of the door on time in the mornings.

Here's my easy DIY hack that I pulled together to resolve all of that:

Clockwise from top left: Blush and Gray Elbow Length Gloves: The Limited - sold out (similar)
Black Half Gloves: eBay (exact match)
Cream Pearl Fingerless Gloves: received as gift (no match available but these are super cute)
Black Quilted Fingerless Gloves: Forever 21 (similar)

First, I added a Command Hook to the inside door of the cabinet closet in my laundry room. If I have never sang my love and adoration for Command Hooks, insert it [here] because I seriously loooooooove them! They are seriously like the best thing evuh!!

For supplies, I found this belt ring at Ross Dress for Less for a $1.99 (you can find relatively similar belt rings at Dollar General for a few dollars).

And I ordered some Ikea curtain clips from Amazon for less than $10, since we unfortunately don't have a store locally.

I just slid the foam piece off of the belt ring, leaving me with a single chrome loop.

I line each pair of the gloves up where the tags are on the inside and put the clips there to prevent and/or hide any possible indentations that may get left behind. and then just slide the clip rings on to the hook.

This way things are orderly and I can easily see what I have, plus my coats are right there for easy decision making.

For storing unused clips, I use this little capped jar that I found at H&M a while back and it takes up negligible space on the shelf, but keeps them right within reach.

I'd love to hear how you store your winter essentials!

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