06 November 2015

Getting it Together - Home Organization Day 2

My closet is one of those places that stays relatively tidy. Relatively being the operative word, but I do generally try to maintain some consistent order in there. However, THIS was driving me bonkers...

I have fewer pants than anything else (more on that later) and I generally dislike plastic hangers, I use them occasionally, but have an affection for the thin velvet hangers. This little area designated for my pants just wasn't working, it felt cumbersome to get them in and out without bumping into my bracelets. I didn't want to move them because I don't seem to wear pants as often as skirts and dresses.

And these saggy, tangley plastic hangers just caused the pants to slide around and not lie flush against each other. Now, despite my love for velvet hangers, I hate the way my pants clutched the fabric when trying to remove them and that corner area just didn't seem provide ample room for the full size hanger.

Left: Unsorted                                                                    Right: Sorted by Color
I finally got the idea to use kid size velvet hangers, so I purchased a set of 24 from Target for about $20 (I had a $10 gift card). Their more petite size allowed for better maneuverability in the smaller wall space and eliminated tangle and sliding issues. Sorting by color doesn't appear to make a lot of difference with this section, but I just personally prefer it because it makes getting dressed easier for me.

With this little experiment I also discovered two things:

1. I used up every hanger in the pack, so I had more pants than I realized. (I even had to purge a few pairs)
2. I loved the clean, unified look of all of the hangers being the same color and now I want to make sure all my hangers look like that!

I'm still on a organizing kick (when time permits) so I'd love to hear any tips and tricks you might have!

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