05 November 2015

Getting it Together - Home Organization Day 1

So, what have I NOT have time to do as of late?

1. Take blog photos
2. Edit already taken blog photos (reason #2 why this is not a style post)
3. Write blog posts
4. Manicure my nails
5. Give myself a decent facial
6. Brush my dog (and when I finally do, it's not pleasurable for either of us)
7. Anything fun

Those things, for the most part, are definitely all about me; but that's because work, school and family get the overwhelming majority of my time. Then comes sleep. Precious, dreamless sleep. 

So, I won't lie and say that I have felt any less than frazzled some days, but I'm trying to manage.... What I have found though, is that when my brain feels over crowded with schedules, lists and deadlines, I begin to feel a serious urge to bring some order to things.

And my laundry room was not helping with my mental chaos... Every time I walked in there, my brain went on the fritz.

So, with less than a $20 dollar investment, I literally brought myself some peace of mind...

I already had the large chalkboard labels, I purchased the hang tags and oversized clothes pins from the Target Dollar Spot, and at Dollar Tree I picked up several baskets and a chalkboard marker. And now, I feel a little piece of happy every time I walk in. *contented sigh*

And I immediately felt like I wanted to put my entire life into little blue bins. Since I could not, I moved on to the kitchen and organized the top of the refrigerator and my freestanding cabinet. Getting rid of the clutter became almost therapeutic.

Are any of you guys organization junkies?? Because I seriously think that I could become one!

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