27 July 2012

DD's Style File - Blue Suede Shoes

This outfit was all about vibrancy, and although it was an unconventional choice, I paired it with my blue suede platform sandals.

Orange tie neck blouse - Mossimo
Green ankle pant - Express
Blue suede pump - Steve Madden
Yellow braided belt - The Limited
Silver hoop earring - The Limited
Green sunnies - unknown boutique
Getting these shoes was an adventure, let me tell ya! Some may call it lunancy, others may call it a serious dedication...because of my love for pretty shoes, I'll just say it falls somewhere in the middle. So let's call it a "fashion fairytale"...

I actually have had these for about two years. When I found them at the store and asked for my size, the sales associate returned from the back to tell me that this was the last pair and they could not locate the mate. I was devasted, but after some cajoling I'd convinced them to look for the shoe and call me immediately upon it's finding. About three days later, they did.

They were a clearance item, with a coupon, so the end price was a steal!

However...apparently my pair of soft suede lovelies had been the display, and because of this, one of the shoes had been somewhat "bleached" by the lighting and dust from sitting on the display table. Not noticeable when by itself, but totally evident when perched next to the lustre of its sister.

Devastated yet again, but I was not to be deterred.

Once I got home, after some careful consideration, the creative juices started flowing! I decided to place the brighter shoe on the window sill and let the sun shine on it for a while. I checked on it every few days or so, until it had been paled just enough. Then like a well done pancake, I flipped it over and let the other side bake for a while.

A little over three weeks and I had a pair of pumps that were once again perfectly matched in hue. And there was no love lost, because I bought them during early winter, so I couldn't wear them yet anyhow.

And they all lived happily ever after!

Happy Friday Divas!

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