20 July 2012

DD's Style File - Polka Dots & Stripes

Dressing for the office can be difficult in summer - requiring fabrics that breath during the lunch hour in the outside temps and after work when things can be really steamy, yet clothing that provides coverage in my chilly, air conditioned cubicle.

I find myself checking the weather for upcoming days on my iPhone several times in order to pick something that will work best. I find that it's usually pretty accurate, sometimes even better than the local weather folks on the news.

Pink dot button up - KMart
Pink & navy skirt - The Limited
Gold metallic pump - Steve Madden
Today happened to be one of those days where I could pull off a long sleeved button up and a skirt with a thicker knit without roasting to death. I feel bad for the fellas, because unless they work in a business casual environment, it's long sleeves and blazers every day...even the ninety degree ones. Ugh.

Pearl stud earring - Icing
Green sunnies - Boutique
The outfit I settled on was a bit more matchy matchy than I usually go for. However, I overlooked that, because I liked the girlie pinkness of it and favored the small dots paired with the stripes.

Green lock belt - Papaya
Pearl necklaces (one as bracelet) - Thrifted

One minor self side note though, this is a new shirt and is in desperate need of a gentle washing and a meet n' greet with some fabric softener. It had more stiffness to the fabric than I preferred, but I'd still call it a keeper.


  1. I got really excited opening your post because I bought this skirt about a month ago! First, I'm going to say that you are a genius for adding the touch of green...then I'm going to steal your idea! ;)

  2. Thanks Kish! Steal away - I'd definitely consider it a compliment! Make sure you post your look, I'd love to see how it turned out!