13 July 2012

DD's Style File - Weekend Chic Inspiration

What's better than running about town window shopping and thrifting on a beautiful summer's day?

Doing it on a week day while everyone else is at work!

Orange top - The Limited
Leopard skirt - Wet Seal
Bronze sandal - Payless
Bronze & orange earrings - BonTon
Green sunnies - Boutique
Burnished cabochon bracelet- eBay
Medallion necklace - Thrifted

This was a quickie "photo shoot" because I was on my way out the door when I thought about doing a casual style post. This is actually another "inspiration" look (see the other here), though this time it was just the colors that inspired me.

It was this outfit from the July edition of InStyle magazine:

Very cute, right!? I'd definitely rock that this fall.... Surprisingly, I don't yet own a pair of leopard skinnies, but now I'm thinking that I gotta have some!

If you didn't know, today IS Friday the thirteenth....dun-dun-dunnnnnnnn. I don't know why my mind goes there sometime, I guess I've been conditioned by societal influences. Anybody else get as weirded out about it as I do??

Despite that fact, I hope you dolls all have a great weekend!

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