18 July 2012

Gettin' Artsy Craftsy

Ok, so I'm taking a major detour from my usual type of post, but stick with me for the ride because it's still about fashionable things...

As I mentioned a few posts back, I've been really busy planning a birthday party for my mom, which was held this past weekend. Thank goodness that's over! But everyone had a great time, especially the guest of honor, so it was all in the name of love. But I'm still glad it's over....

I'm big on making things look pretty and fashionable and this party was all about being chic and stylish, but we had to jump through a few hoops to bring the vision to fruition - which all involved the decor for the tables.

One such item on my list was black and white striped candles. Pretty basic, right? Ok, well maybe not as basic as plain candles, but it wasn't like I was talking purple candles with orange stripes. Either way, I might as well had been, because after scouring the net and stalking the store aisles, I came up empty handed. Did I happen to mention they also had to be affordable?

Well, they say that necessity is the mother of invention...so what's a diva to do? Make her own! Because sometimes even we non-crafters have to get a little crafty.

I headed to the local Michael's Craft Store and grabbed a few rolls of black sparkling ribbon and two packs of stick pins with pearl heads.

Toss in sixteen plain white pillar candles and a box of glue dots, and I was a striped candle making machine.


Not bad at all, huh? I have to say I was kinda proud of the way it all came together.

And in case any of you are a little curious here are a couple final images from the party:

I also sparkled up a couple plain pieces of wood to make that 'S' at the top of the cupcake tower,
because I couldn't find a more affordable one that I liked.

The framed images on the tables were throwback photos I enlarged from her modeling days. See, back when I was a wee little diva, my mom had a modeling troupe that would put on fashion shows and whatnot around the city. So the central theme of the party was all about celebrating the fabulosity of my icon.


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