04 April 2011

Ahoy Mateys! - All Things Nautical

When it comes to fashion, I guess you could say that I like trends. I don't typically latch on as soon as something becomes "the new and hot" thing of the season, but eventually things tend to wear on me. One key principle for me though, is that I tend to try to pick trends that a) work for me and fit into my life and b) are seasonless or at least last more than one! One very important reason being that I'm a budget shopper and want to be sure that I can get my full worth out of an item.

It's funny when things that you've already secretly loved, become the season's "it" item or look though, and one of my secret loves has always been nautical-esqe looks. So, I love how fashion has taken the look and given us items that are more inspired and less, "I'm actually going sailing." This spring it's all about the red jean, which works great with the nautical look.


A few celebs who've rocked the look:

My most recent nautical inpired purchase courtesy of The Limited:

Some things you ladies may want to try:

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