06 April 2011

Vintage Vanity

Ok, so for us budget minded ladies out here 'vintage' is a classed up way of saying, "making old things new again." Since I personally cannot purchase a vintage Chanel bag, I find other miscellaneous items to expand my wardrobe. It can be as easy as diving into your mother, grandmother or aunt's closet and digging out leather handbags, car coats of midi skirts. I got into buying vintage things a few years back and was sort of addicted to it for a while. Since my excitement has quelled a bit, I've taken on more of a thoughtful pick and choose method. I think vintage shopping can be great for finding unique items that really express your personality and pairing them with more modern finds. A lot of my vintage pieces tend to become my favorite pieces because of sentimental value based on who I may have received them from or just the fact that they are a true expression of my personality and being one of a kind I know if I spill red wine or something on it, I'll never be able to find another!

For you divas who live in metropolitan areas I'm sure there are an abundance of vintage shops to pick from, but even regular old second hand stores, like the Salvation Army, can surprise you with pieces you can find. There are vintage shops galore online and of course, sites like eBay and Etsy are always great places to shop for vintage pieces, just be sure to take your measurements because sizing for vintage items can be different and shopping online does not provide the advantage of a dressing room or returns.

If you're interested in adding some vintage pieces to punch up your style, but you're not quite sure where to start, you can always begin slow with a clutch, scarf, brooch or other piece of jewelry.

Some vintage pieces:

A couple of my own vintage items:

Reconstructed vintage piece purchased onliine
about $45

White clutch from grandma's closet

Skirt purchased from eBay, about $30

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