08 April 2011

Warm Weather Color Co-Op

I certainly appreciate the chicness of a little black dress, but I have an open love affair with color. Pink, yellow and turquoise are all regularly incorporated into my wardrobe, especially in the spring and summer. And I even have an occasional rendezvous with vibrant shades of Kelly green. My new love is coral, which also happens to be one of this season's trends, because of that it has been a lot easier to find pieces to mix up with my current items.

I love the fact that there is a broader scale of color coordination than there were many, many moons ago, so it's much easier for a diva to create nontraditional color pairings that further accentuate one's personal style! But it isn't always easy to know what color compliments another, besides your basic neutrals like blacks, whites and tans. Just ask my mother, who I've regularly scolded about being too "matchy matchy!" It's best to either stick with tonal combinations of the same shade family or Google a color wheel and pair colors from opposite sides.

Color palettes that I'm looking forward to trying out this season are coral and seafoam blue with tan and yellow and tangerine paired with crisp white.

Boldly paired spring looks have certainly been found on the runways, and I encourage you to find your comfort zone and try some new pairings yourself. Just be sure to reach for bright shades as the weather warms! Simply donning a color popping shoe or vivid handbag to finish off a neutral toned outfit can also be a showstopper. Even better yet, a brightly hued dress with neutral accessories.

Looks from the runway:

Katy Perry and Rihanna pull off color mixing fabulously for their appearances in Elle and Seventeen:

Here, Rihanna pairs opposite colors from the color wheel:

Runway inspired swatch combos:


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