05 April 2011

Gettin' Pretty!

It's no secret to all my family and friends that I am IN LOVE with Bare Escentuals cosmetics. I have been wearing a full face of their products for the last six years or so. It was the first thing I ever felt like if they'd let me sell it, I would! However, because of this small town city in which I currently reside, there are no BE boutiques around and they do not employ independent reps. Nevertheless, I have not allowed that to diminish my enthusiasm about the product and continue to sing it's praises from the rooftops....taking time to convert people along the way. I've been known to give sets as gifts, because that's the best way to pique someone's interest since they have no monetary investment involved. I also once held a BE makeup party in one of the conference rooms at work during my lunch hour and performed makeovers (before and after pics were hilarious!), but a couple of the girls crossed into the BE world that day and never looked back!

Recently, Leslie Blodgett, CEO of BE, introduced a new skincare line that I've been tempted to try: bareMinerals Skincare. I've read some fabulous reviews but have not yet tried the items myself. The only reason being that I developed problem skin as I neared my thirties and when I finally found a skincare regimen that worked for me, I stuck to it. And since it happened to be waaaay prior to the launch of BE's skincare line, I'm just a little settled in my ways.

But I cannot deny that the temptation is building based on the reviews I read and my curiosity is actually kinda killing me!  I encourage you ladies who are BE and non-BE users to check it out and let me know!

Bare Escentuals makeup and skincare products can be purchased at:

Bare Escentuals
QVC  (you can find a lot of items and sets exclusive to QVC and also get to buy some things on Easy Pay)

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