19 April 2011

Revlon Crazy Shine!

Revlon recently introduced a new nail buffer that is supposed to give you, "Crazy Shine." Revlon touts it as a "10 second manicure" which takes only two steps, smoothing out the nail surface with the green side and using the white side to buff it to a glossy shine, that is "400% more than bare nails, with results that last for 3 days."

So, for all you divas who are short on time and wear natural nails (like me), this is for you!

I picked up two at Walgreen's for about $3.50 each, so I'm giving you my unbiased opinion. I took a little longer than ten seconds, but I agree that if you're just doing a "refresher" buff to reenergize the shine then it should take only a few seconds on each nail. I certainly think that it gave my nails a glossier shine almost like I was wearing a clear topcoat.  You can also use the white side to revive the luster on your nail polish, though I have not done this yet because I haven't given myself a painted manicure in a while. I'm not sure how long the buffer lasts, which is why I bought two, but I definitely would buy it again. After filing to shape my nails, then using the Crazy Shine buffer and adding a quick dab of cuticle oil, my nails looked well kept and more presentable. And it's something you can use to keep you hands looking nice until your next manicure appointment. It's also convenient, so you can do your nails while on the go, like during your subway commute to work, without worrying about juggling nail polish.

Another great thing is that as the shine wears off, you don't end up with chippy nails that look unkept, the shine just eventually reverts back to natural.

Check it out!

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