12 April 2011

Cheating on Fashion, with Furniture!!

Decorating your home is definitely another way of expressing your personal style. And nothing says a need to redecorate like a new, affordable and fabulous diffusion line from Target! Because I personally love Target, I'm super psyched about the new home and clothing collaboration launching May 1st: Calypso St. Barth from Target.

This brand is all about bringing the design aesthetic of exotic locales, like Bali and Marrakesh, closer to home, making them more accessible to fashionable ladies with Madison Avenue budgets. With this Target collaboration, they are now making a bit of their luxury lifestyle even more accessible (and affordable) for small town, mid city every day divas like you and me! Expect breezy bohemian resort wear and elegantly eclectic, colorful home decor with this launch.

I'm sure that the pieces can be intermingled with current items you own and used as a way to liven up a living room with candle holders or to a bedroom with throw pillows or go all out and remake your bathroom into a sexy sanctuary, where a diva goes to decompress after a long day. Either way, if you're looking to add a little spice to your current decor, this just might be for you!

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