25 April 2011

A Nude Attitude

A spring trend that will give you great versatility for your wardrobe and because you'll get many uses out of it, a great return investment too, is the nude shoe. High heeled shoes in general make legs appear lengthened, but nude shoes take that illusion up a notch, making legs seem longer, leaner and leggier.

You have a lot of styling freedom with this one, as there is no general style rule when it comes to wearing a nude shoe. However, it is recommended that your pair them with dresses, skirts and shorts to best reap the benefits they provide. As far as color pairings are concerned, consider nude shoes as you would your basic black pump that can go with nearly everything, yet nude provides your outfit with a softer appeal without the boldness of black.

Check out a few celebs working the nude trend:

Amber Riley / Kerry Washington / Nia Long

Jennifer Hudson / Vanessa Williams / America Ferrera

Rutina Wesley / Tatyana Ali
Nude shoe options for you after the break...

 As you see, the nude pump works well with a wide range of colors, from other neutral shades like white and tan, to softer hues from the pastel family, bold brights from red to yellow to cobalt and even your dark neutrals like navy. Keep in mind, nude shoes can make your LBD's look extra chic! You can even use nude to balance out a heavy print like leopard. Whether you choose a platform pump, strappy sandal or peep toe is totally up to you, I just suggest you choose a cut and color that integrates seamlessly with your current wardrobe and compliments your skin tone. Nude pumps are offered in many shades, so there's sure to be a pair that works for you whether you be porcelain, peaches n' cream, honey, caramel or deep mocha.

Though I own a natural toned sandal that gets a lot of summer wear (so much I had to have the heels replaced), I am still on the hunt for my perfect pair of nude peep toes.... Maybe a few of these selections will inspire you to find yours!

Happy shopping!

1. Nine West Rocha in Taupe
2. Pelle Moda Wrigley 2 in Beige
3. Fitzwell Preston in Camel
4. Anne Klein Evelyn in Beige
5. Nine West Rocha in Dark Brown
6. Ecco Keene in Navajo Brown

A couple styling ideas:

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