15 April 2011

Diggin' Trenches

Trench coats no longer have to be the oatmeal colored raincoats that some of us used to think they were (ok, maybe that's just me...), now a spring trench can be a stylish way to top off a great outfit and jazz up your coat collection, especially if you pick one in a vivid hue. Trenches are great for those chilly mornings that transition to warmer afternoons, and for those days that the sun won't stay out and its brisk out, topping it off with pashmina or lightweight scarf adds a bit of insulation and flair!

Although retailers now also offer hip length, trench-like jackets, I'm personally more of a fan of the traditional three quarter to knee length coats. Especially if you're 5'5" or shorter, the three quarter length will probably work best for you. These lengths are obviously a stylish way to top off work wear, but they can also pull together dressier attire on evenings out or casual wear for weekend errands and even walking the dog!

I know I often talk about color, but who doesn't love black? And some ladies are just more comfortable in black. As long as you are sure to get the length and fit that works best for your body and stature, you're guaranteed to look chic! And for those of you who are more into the traditional neutral tan, there are plenty of coats with interesting necklines, sleeve details or an adorable ruffle trim that are sure to keep it from looking so 1990's. Navy also offers a nontraditional color that still lends itself as a neutral, but grabbing a bright green, yellow, red or even a deep purple is definitely a great way to brighten up those rainy April days!

I'm a collar popper, so when I'm working my trench you're certain to find my collar turned up and my eyes covered in oversized shades....

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!"

My purple trench I scooped at Target for $25:

Trenches, celeb style:

Selita Ebanks / Angela Griffin / Rihanna / Kim Kardashian

 Playing dress up:

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