09 April 2011

A Sea of Translation!

Ok, so my bestie was kind enough to let me know that my post a couple days ago on nautical-esque fashion wasn't fully encompassing. I caught her drift (no pun intended) because I'd inadvertently highlighted styles that featured stripes and stripes are not a print that is universally flattering on all body types and sizes. So I'm here to redeem myself for the rest of my ladies out there who like the trend, but who may not even like stripes!

For any of you girls who has ever watched seasons of Project Runway, you know that the great thing about having a style inspiration is that it can be loosely translated into an outfit that works best for your body by sticking to a few basics. The first season winner of Project Runway took inspiration from the Chrysler Building and created the dress seen here (keep in mind this was almost five years ago...), and although it may be a dress that only Carrie Bradshaw would wear, the construction of the dress was well executed and the inspiration remained clear.

Sticking to a few basics by incorporating the typical nautical color palette and gold, I've created four various looks that could work on a variety of body figures, so you divas can use these as a guide to loosely translating this trend to work for you:

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