30 April 2011

Hot, Hot Polka Dots

They're not just for children and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny yellow bikinis, polka dots can be hot! I have a special love for polka dots and have several bespotted items in my wardrobe. Dotted items can add a sweet touch to an outfit via accessories or be unexpectedly sexy and daring, all while giving a little bit of ladylike demureness at the same time!

If you're not a big print fan, you can try polka dots in small doses, like through the use of  hair accessories. Try a printed fabric headband on smooth tresses or tousled updos.

Alicia Keys / Jennifer Lopez

Sarah Jessica Parker

When accessorizing your hair, keep ponytails pulled low and off center, secured behind the ear at the base of the hairline which will allow the weight of the ponytail to fall on your shoulder. Then cover the ponytail holder with the loosely tied scarf.  

Lauren Conrad / LaLa Vasquez - Anthony / Jane Krakowski / America Ferrera
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Another favorite way to accessorize with dots in small doses is through shoes, it can add unexpected whimsy to an otherwise basic outfit. If you're all about being bold, pieces such as skirts, dresses and cardigans can work well when wearing the print in the office or to other business casual affairs.

You can take things a step further and try out other color combinations besides your basic black and white dots, and in any case you can always use a solid to help balance out the print. Try styling a dotted skirt with a crisp, black or white button up or layering a solid color cardigan over a polka dot dress.

A few celebs rockin' dots:

Eva Mendes / Rihanna / Paula Patton

Kate Winslet looking sexified in dots!

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