14 April 2011

DD ♥'s: RetailMeNot.com

There is nothing better to me than a bargain. If I can use a coupon on top of a sale, that is like music to my ears! The idea of me getting a substantial sum of dollars off of the retail value of a purchase just makes my day! And because this big city, little town in which I live has little to offer me anymore when I make trips to the mall, I became an avid online shopper. I mean to the point that I hate the thought of even driving to the mall.... The only thing that usually requires me to do so is an immediate need for an item or to shop for jeans (which I passionately hate to shop for).

Because of the vast world of online shopping I began to utilize, I soon associated myself with an awesome site that offers a variety of reliable coupons. There are many, but this one happens to be my fav: www.RetailMeNot.com.

I've made visiting the site a must before any online purchase. Even if I'm certain they probably won't have a coupon, I check anyway. I believe that they are a reputable site and very seldom have I ever had a coupon code not work, unless it was the kind that had restrictions and the retailer did not allow stacking. I also appreciate the comments section from fellow "coupon clippers" that allows people to add a few more deets than just the fact that the code worked or not.

And fear not if you're a brick and mortar kind of shopper, because if you're headed out for a bit of weekend shopping and lunch, there is also a printable coupon section so that you can check your area for coupons that may be available prior to venturing out.

The site is extremely easy to use and you don't have to become a member or anything (even better!). RetailMeNot boasts a database of over 65,000 retailers that range from fashion to food to software and many, many things in between, so it is definitely worth a few moments to check out prior to placing an online order.

Happy shopping!!

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